About Us

Established and headquartered in the trendy and sexy Miami, Florida, Haute Glam Boutique is quickly gaining reputation as the go to destination for the trendiest and most affordable fashions from runways all around the world.

As an online based women’s fashion boutique, Haute Glam Boutique specializes in contemporary women’s fashion, mix-and-match swimwear, fashion jewelry, accessories, and intimates. Haute Glam Boutique strives to bring a mix of up-and-coming fashion and great quality all at the best prices with an emphasis on exclusivity and design. Jewelry and accessories add variation to the shopping experience allowing customers the convenience of a one-stop shop.

Haute Glam Boutique appeals to the fresh, fun, and fashion-forward fashionista who is in tune with all the latest trends. Haute Glam Boutique provides such an eclectic mix of styles where all fabulous and fashion savvy women are sure to find something they absolutely adore. Cutting edge designs along with more classic styles, fabrics, and cuts all at low and affordable prices encompasses all aspects of a fashionista’s wardrobe. At Haute Glam Boutique you will find everything from glam night-on-the town dresses and tops to comfy tees and everything in between. Haute Glam Boutique caters to those in tune with fashion and has a sense of personal style all while keeping your budget at a minimum. Every product is drenched in detail and carefully selected on account of our high standards and some products offered in limited quantities.

We take pride in our unrivaled customer service and our personalized shopping experience which are the driving force behind our success.

If at any time you have any questions, one of our fashion experts will be happy to assist you.

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